Shakes and Peers

a guide to the world of Early Modern drama


Welcome to Shakes and Peers, 

your go-to guide for exploring the world of Early Modern drama!

Our goal is to use classical texts to empower artists as we build a more inclusive artistic future.

What is Shakes and Peers?

Shakes and Peers is a comprehensive source for engaging with Early Modern English drama. It is designed with dramaturgs and students in mind. 

New plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries will be added monthly to the Play Guide section, complete with brief dramaturgical notes and other learning tools. Links will appear on the play names as they are completed.

Consult Resources for links to books, podcasts, and other ways to engage with the impact the “Golden Age of Theatre” has left.

If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations for plays to cover, feel free to contact me!


Why Shakes and Peers?

I created Shakes and Peers because I wanted to create the comprehensive dramaturgical guide to Shakespeare’s London that I always wanted as a student. Although there are a lot of great resources for students of Early Modern London, many of them are theatre or person-specific and as such lack macrocosmic studies of London, proper sourcing, contemporary updates, or easy to access content. As an admirer of Greenblatt’s work with social energies, Bates’ cultural materialism, and Emma Smith’s study of legacy, I hope to incorporate elements of their studies into Shakes and Peers as it complexifies. The website will begin in broad sweeps across the stage and hopefully grow more specific with time.