“We use classical texts to empower artists as we build a more inclusive artistic future”

Welcome to Shakes and Peers,

your go-to guide for exploring the world of Early Modern drama!

The goal of Shakes and Peers is to create an easy to use guide for understanding Shakespeare and his contemporary’s plays in their original social and political context. By doing this, we hope to foster independent analysis of texts, facilitate connections between the texts and today, and empower artists to create informed interpretations of the texts we explore.

As we at S&P continue to research and collect resources and information on different Early Modern productions, they will appear here in a simple format accompanied by other resources to encourage a broader understanding of the texts than is listed here. If there are appropriate videos of online productions, they will be listed as well.

Shakes and Peers will begin with Shakespeare’s Comedies (as listed in the first folio) and move on by author/genre, updating weekly.

And now unto the breach!